Become a Certified Life on Fire Coach, Transform Lives, & Get on the Fast-Track to Increasing Your Income

What is the Life on Fire Coaching Academy?

  • 6-month step-by-step process to become certified as a Life on Fire Coach
  • Fast-track to building your OWN successful six-figure coaching business
  • Be a part of the BOOMING coaching industry with an average hourly rate of $214
  • The only coaching program in the world (literally) that equips you on how to attract clients AND successfully coach them to get results
  • Learn how to increase your influence and brand positioning quickly
  • Be a part of the Life on Fire Movement as you learn how to transform your life and the lives of those around you

You’ll also master:

  • The big three coaching models:  1-1, group, and accountability coaching
  • How to become a master “enroller”
  • How to get your paying clients life transforming results
  • The techniques to coach other coaches so that you can scale your coaching business

Invest in yourself, take action, and then earn a strong return on your investment.

Learning how to become a Life on Fire Coach has multiple income streams:

  • Coaching your own clients – build a successful coaching business
  • Ambassador Program & Compensation Plan – refer friends to Life on Fire and earn commissions
  • Our proven model and processes will make it easy for you to get started and to earn income quickly

What You Get:

Dedicated Group Coaching:

  • Weekly 1 coaching hour call with Master Coach, Megan Unsworth
  • Three one hour “Hot Seat and Q&A” calls with Nick Unsworth each month.  Let Nick Unsworth coach you to ultimate business growth and get your questions answered live.
  • Weekly one hour live group coaching calls with Nick Unsworth every Wednesday’s at 12pm PST.  Each month there’s a new theme designed to help you live your Life on Fire so that you can then help others live their lives on fire!


Abundance Event


  • July 16th-19th (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • Time:  
    • Th, Fr, Sat:  10am – 10pm
    • Sun: 12pm – 6pm
  • Hyatt Mission Bay


  • Develop an “abundant” mindset and “way of being”
  • Leadership skills
  • Integrity & core values training
  • Overcoming old “limiting beliefs”
  • Create your personal strategic plan and accountability
  • Networking & lifelong connections
  • In addition, come a 2nd time to Abundance as a “leader” and learn how to coach others through the experience, it’s incredibly powerful!

Live weekly group coaching, home study courses, & community that will help you get into action, and experience more money, time, and freedom.

Here’s a list of our Life Transforming home study courses…

Money Mastery Challenge ($497)

My home study course designed to reprogram how you think about money. Many people don’t realize that it’s old money “beliefs” that they got from childhood that are actually holding them back.

You’ll learn tangible techniques an strategy on how to attract and create more abundance in your life.

Being wealthy is a choice. I’ll show you how to go from being a slave to money to mastering it once and for all.


My home study course designed to help you get more done in 4 days than you would in 4 weeks.

Imagine what life would be like if you had more time…what would you do with it, where would go, who would you see? I’ll show you how…

You’ll learn my step-by-step system that will literally get you more time back and help you remove all the “noise” in your life so that you can live happier and healthier.


Step-by-step process to clarify your life vision so that you create unstoppable motivation in your life.

You’ll learn how to achieve EXACTLY what you want…when you want.


Learn how to increase your influence and brand positioning by getting published on authority websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and more.

“Expert” brand positioning = attract more sales & ability to increase your prices.


This home study course is designed to help you work smarter not harder. You’ll learn a step-by-step process on how to build an automated marketing funnel to attract ideal customers.


Learn how to acquire high profile clients with our “Anchor Client” strategy. You’ll also learn how to master networking so that you grow your business simply by the conversations that you have.


One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face is not having a clearly defined “ideal” customer.

We’ll help you define who your ideal customer is so that your marketing becomes more effective.



The ultimate training for coaches & consultants that want to build 6-figure businesses.  You’ll learn a variety of hands on strategies on how to attract and acquire ideal clients.  We’ll take you all the way from just getting started all the way to learning how to scale your business and create leverage.  A must have for coaches & consultants.


Most people have a “revolving door” business.  I’ll teach you the “3 business-units” strategy and why it’s so important to build a referral machine.  Referrals and positive word of mouth are literally the most effective forms of marketing.  You’ll learn how to build up your army of brand ambassadors so that you can achieve your wildest business dreams.


NLP is an acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  NLP is an approach to communication & personal development.  You’ll learn how to master your inner “critic” (self-talk) and communication with others.  Our NLP training will open up new possibilities in your life and you’ll find that you’re more on fire than ever with our training.


Part of living your Life on Fire is having living with optimal health and fitness.  When you are healthy you’ll find that you’re more able to flourish in your career.  Our personal and professional lives are interwoven.  You’ll learn very SIMPLE mindset techniques that will shift your health & fitness forever.


When you act right now…you can get LIFETIME access to our live group coaching calls.  As many successful CEOs, celebrities, and athletes say… “never stop growing!”  Make your investment with us today…and enjoy the ongoing benefits of our Life on Fire Academy for a lifetime.


1 VIP Strategy Session with your “Lead Coach”
Weekly 30 Minute One-On-One Coaching with “Lead Coach”
Weekly Live Group Coaching with Megan Unsworth
12 One Hour “Hot Seat and Q&A” calls with Nick Unsworth
Abundance Live Event
Double Your Productivity
Life Vision Challenge
Money Mastery Challenge
Brand Your Way to the Top
Webinar Profits Challenge
Fastest Path to Cash Challenge
Ideal Customer Challenge
Bonus: Ignite Your Business Academy
Bonus: Referral Marketing Challenge
Bonus: Intro to NLP Challenge
Bonus: Life on Fire Fitness Challenge

TOTAL VALUE WITH BONUSES               $24,967

What’s the Investment?

Notice the word investment.  The difference between an expense and investment is that as an investment you will have the ability to learn skills and increase your income with our Coaching Academy.

The investment to join our Life on Fire Coaching Academy and receive all bonuses is $12,500.

Those that choose to pay in full will receive a $2,500 discount making the program just $10,000.

Think about how much time and money you would spend learning all of this on your own?

Instead of building your coaching business alone through trial and error, take the shortcut and proven fast-track by becoming a Certified Life on Fire Coach.

The powerful brand alone will give you an advantage over the competition.

Join a community of world changers…join our Life on Fire Coaching Academy today!

Save Big When You Pay in Full:

For those that choose to pay in full, you will receive a discount of $2,500 making the total amount just $10,000.

So here’s how it works:

  • Initial application deposit of $500
  • Once approved $9,500
  • If your application is NOT approved you will receive your $500 back

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we have a 6-payment option where the total investment is $12,500

Month 1:

  • Initial deposit of $500 to apply to the program
  • Once approved, then $2,500
  • If you are NOT approved you will receive your $500 application deposit back

Months 2 – 6:

  • $1,900 per month



“I Closed $19,000 in 2 Weeks!”

Within 2 weeks of creating her SECOND business while coaching with Life on Fire, Alycia closed $19,000 in new sales!

“Last Month I Hit $10,000!”

After joining Life on Fire Coaching, Andrew has been ON FIRE and recently had his first $10,000 month and he’s on track to 6-figures!

Made Her Investment Back In 4 Days!

With 1 strategy from her coach, Christine made her coaching investment back at one 4-Day Event of ours called Prosperity!

This community is amazing!

I knew I was home when I found this community. Nowhere else do you find people who hold you to the level they believe you are capable of and take a stand to you reaching it.

Saved Her Marriage In 3 Months

“This community has touched us and believed in us, and given us new hope, and new dream, and new vision.”

“I Got 3 Clients in 1 Day!”

Immediately upon stepping into being a Life on Coach Ed picked up 3 new clients in 1 day!

$9,500 in My First 5 Weeks!

Within 5 weeks of Joie’s strategy session she made $9,500 with just 2 clients!

“$14,000 in March”

Tina just announced to our private client Facebook group, “March was the biggest month yet $14,000 in sales!”

My First $6,000 Month!

With the help of her coach, Ellen just made her first $6,000 in the month of March doing what she’s passionate about!

Our clients’ results shared above are not guaranteed and not typical. Just like anything else of significance in life, these types of results require hard work and taking action. These clients were not compensated for their testimonials and their results were not independently verified. We trust our clients and we believe they are sharing accurate results with us.

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